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The possibilities are numerous: a day in Marrakech, a day in Tangiers, a trip to the desert south of Marrakech or a customised holiday where you can attend all the cultural events of this wonderful country. We provide you with your own local driver and guide, and the highest-level hotels as some of our services.

Welcome to the world of Said Tours. Discover our VIP program if you would like to fully enjoy the unique culture of Morocco.

This is our itinerary of covid -19

One of Our employee will meet you in tarifa and give you the ferry tickets and take care of all the formality until boarding the ferry

When the ferry arrives in Tangier one of our guide will be waiting for you as soon as you get off from the ferry with the sign of your name, walking for 5 Min to the bus (See the photos of bus with security measures of covid -19)

We start our tour from the market because the markets in the morning still not busy

We will visit all the Markets (fish market, ceramic market, spices market, etc.)

We will walk to the casbah to rock the casbah and visiting the Museum, walking for 3 Min to the restaurant with billion-dollar view (Open Air, See the photos of the restaurant with security measures of covid -19)

After Lunch we walk back to the bus drive to see the highlight of Tangier , we will stop at the cap spartel to see the 2 beaches where they meet ( the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean ) , we will ride the camels in the beach and of course visit the Hercules caves before to drive back to the port to take the ferry back to Tarifa

Note: when covid 19 is over we will get back our normal itinerary

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